Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Priority

With a focus on your Needs, Goals and Peace of Mind, we strive to form a healthier and long-lasting relationship with you. We are an effective and committed leader with spotless integrity and deep understanding of financial products.

What drives us through our journey is our desire to excel with our best-in-class research-based financial advisory and wealth management services. 


Your Goals Are Our Priority

Through extensive research on your goals and the present market trends, we make a profitable match to accomplish all your ambitions and maintain a greater peace of mind in you.
We own an excellent track record of customer satisfaction and have earned accolades from our clients for our quality research, unbiased advisory and timely services.

In the world of lament occasions, we fill your future cart with fulfilment & satisfaction. Your trust is our inheritance and our advisory proves to be everyone’s greatest companion.


What We Offer

Along with Personalized Financial Products through extensive market research, letting you attain complete peace of mind is our greatest offering.

Wealth Creation

We help you accumulate a huge corpus and build wealth through different investment methods such as Mutual Funds, Bonds, Direct Equity, Alternative Investment Funds, etc.

Risk Management

We, not only assist you in building your wealth but also create plans to manage and sustain it through Health Insurance, Term Life Insurance, General Insurance, etc. 

Portfolio Management

By managing your financial portfolio, we strive to deliver diversified and risk-adjusted returns while providing long term capital appreciation even in volatile market.

Tax Planning

We analyze the financial situation to reduce your tax liabilities by making maximum use of all available deductions, allowances, exclusions, etc. which are feasible under law.


We assist in providing you with loans of all kinds to make you achieve all your desires. From low interest to complete transparency, we aspire to put the world in your fist.

Alternative Investment Funds

You may select our privately pooled investment vehicles that collect funds from smart investors like you, for profitable growth and wealth sustainability. 

What Makes Us Different?

Client-Centric Firm

Your aims are our priority and your peace of mind is our driving force.

Personalized Plans

With a focus on your goals and needs, we create what works for you. 

Technology Driven

We evolve every day to match our steps with the ever-evolving technological world. 

Unbiased Advisory

Our market professionals do extensive research to come up with the best plans.

24*7 Active

We are all day-all night active to maintain your peace of mind 24*7. 

Balanced Emphasis

Maintaining the balance between wealth creation and risk management, we maintain your peace of mind. 

Strengthen Your Financials With Balanced Emphasis

Get in touch with a client centric, technology driven financial firm to strengthen your financial stability. 


What people have to say about us?

Rahul S

We are very happy with all the financial services we have received from the team of Optigains. Their balanced emphasis on financial matters helps a lot. We truly recommend them to everyone who wants an efficient financial advisor.

Varun D

Optigains offers trustworthy quality and also makes us feel comfortable when I want to ask any further questions, whether in a physical meeting or not. I am very happy with the financial services and would really recommend them for Financial Planning to all my friends and family.

Pranay M

We have received excellent and effective financial service from Optigains. We were kept updated with all the processes with great transparency. Optigains and their team explains and advises in a simplified manner to let us understand the complex matter. They are recommendable!!

Mukul M

Optigains & the team are fantastic. They take the required time to understand our business needs and then provide different effective solutions that ensure to meet all our start-up needs. Financial matters are really complex and risky when it comes to business, but they manage to make it simplified and risk free. We are growing and the credit goes to them!